Life at One Medical

all in for
working together

One Medical is a human-centered organization committed to making primary care better for everyone—including our team members. It all begins with our people. What can you expect when you join us?

One Medical team members.
A deliberate environment that is fun,
creative, and collaborative.
A warm setting where everyone
feels welcome, heard, and accepted.
A genuine communication style, where
first names are used more than titles.
A focus on teamwork and respect,
no matter your position on the team.
The understanding that we can all
learn from each other, every day.
More humane schedules
and flexibility to fit your life.
One Medical physician speaking to a patient.

What's in our DNA?

One Medical team members have a variety of passions, experience, and backgrounds—but one thing we have in common is a commitment to our mission and alignment with our DNA.

We stay humble and empathetic, putting people at the heart of everything we build and every decision we make.
We communicate effectively, respect our teammates, and make the difficult tradeoffs that foster the success of the organization.
Intellectually curious
We know we don't know everything; we're always eager to learn, and we're never afraid to question the status quo.
Unbounded thinking
By staying open-minded, creative, and positive, we push beyond constraints that have stymied those before us.
Driven to excel
In our quest to be the best Primary Care group in the country, we get things done and pay attention to the little details that matter.